Facts about the good old U.S. of A. and the 50 states, including geography and history.
Facts about animals, animal companions and companion-challenged creatures.
Details about art, artists, popular culture, music, films, actors, and similar diversions.
Useless facts about stars, planets, space, and other places you will never visit.
Things you might not know about people you will never meet, most of whom are dead anyway.
Not so important facts about our favorite planet (except for that one Mr. Spock is from, maybe).
Stuff about food and why it might kill you to eat some of it (although you still ought to eat, maybe).
Mostly useless information about human beings and the bodies we all inhabit for now.
Juicy tidbits of fact about the everyday items we all take for granted.
Scientific facts that probably won't help you do anything, except use up neuropathways.
Facts that probably won't help you much in the garden.
Some facts about politcs and elections, just in case you weren't already apathetic.
Useless information about U.S. Presidents and their sordid lives.
Weird things that have happened in the U.S. that probably won't affect you in any way.
Some facts about words, their origins, what they mean, and why we don't let animals use them.
Weird things that have happened in the world. that probably won't affect you in any way.
Generally Useless Facts that defy these useless catagories.
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Generally Useless Facts
Introduction to GUF

When you get right down to it, even the most important facts are useless at any particular point in time. Right now, for example, you don't need to know your address. Some occassion will likely occur, however, for which that information will be really useful, like when you order that special edition DVD set of the first season of Heroes from deepDiscount.com. Most facts are like that--only useful when you need them.

This, on the other hand, is a collection of facts so generally useless that not a one of them is ever likely to be of any direct use to you. Don't underestimate them however. Even useless facts are facts, and facts have a way of leading to other things. For example, the fact that the earth orbits the sun is, in any practical sense, useless information to the vast majority of the world's population in our everyday lives. You can't even use that knowledge, in any direct way, to order special edition DVD sets. However, understanding the fact that the earth orbits the sun helped humanity understand the apparent motions of the planets, seasonal changes on earth, and the laws of gravity. It also helped create science as we know it. Science, in turn, has given us the knowledge to make televisions and computers and DVDs of Heroes. So, even generally useless information might lead to something useful someday, and the more useless in everyday life a fact is, the more it might lead to.

Thus, I submit to you and posterity this collection of generally useless facts.

The menus to the left will take you to separate pages of generally useless facts, catagorized in a generally useless way.

All of these facts come from trusted sources or have been verified to the best of my ability and inclination. In other words, I didn't just take these off the internet. Still, these should not be used as the basis for any action on your part in your daily life, since that would constitute a violation of the useless character of these facts.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible, in general, for anything.

However, with regard to this collection of generally useless facts (hereafter, "GUF"), I disclaim any responsibility for any errors or omissions, and will not pay for any direct or incidental damages caused by these web pages or their contents, including damages to computers, servers, CAT-5 cable, hard drives, soft drives, thumb drives, forefinger drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs of Heroes, or the internet in general (although the internet could use a good kick in the pants once in while). Damage I won't pay for includes if you print the pages up and get a paper cut, by the way. For goodness's sake, don't do anything based on the information in these pages without consulting a physician, tax specialist, lawyer, clergyman, interior decorator, or trained professional bartender.

These pages are for entertainment value only, just like the horiscopes in your newspaper. However, instead of being vague generalities made up by a nameless copy writer this stuff is, to some limited extent, based on fact. I've got some standards--not particularly high ones, but standards just the same.

-Ray Bromley
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New GUF welcome. Don't send any whiney complaints about my horiscopes comment, though. I'm a Libra, and we're very sensitive.

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Generally Useless Facts

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