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Generally Useless Facts
Legal GUF

In Arizona, it is illegal to hunt camels.

It was not until 1941 that fingerprints were allowed as evidence in court in the U.S..

The city of Cincinnati has a law prohibiting discrimination against “Appalachian Americans.”

In 1996, the California South Coast Air Quality Management District attempted to ban spray paint. A California judge ruled that the ban could not be put in place, since the increased use of paint thinners and solvents that would result when people switched to brushes would have a negative impact on water quality.

In Kansas, it's against the law to catch fish with your bare hands.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, if a boat owner invites friends on his boat and if the guests bring refreshments or pay for fuel, they are passengers, requiring that the boat owner get a license as a passenger ship.

According to Federal law, a person can be fined for modifying or mutilating any painting, sculpture or photograph without consent of the artist, even if the person has purchased the artwork.

To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Dade County, Florida had to spend $18,500 to provide wheelchair access to the county’s only nude beach and $30,000 to provide special parking for handicapped nudists.

All guns sold in Fulton County, Georgia, must carry a warning label stating that owning a gun increases the chances that the gun owner or a relative may be shot.

A radio station in Springfield, Missouri was having financial problems. Some of its loyal listeners showed up to work in the station, for free, because they wanted it to stay on the air. In 1995, the Labor Department discovered the situation, fined the station $20,000 plus penalties, and warned that having volunteers work for a non-charity business is a violation of minimum wage laws.

In one year alone, Milwaukee police gave out more than 3,000 citations for the offense of jay-wlaking. In the same year, New York police issued only 25 tickets for the crime.

The city of Greenfield, California has a law that requires home builders to put two bicycles in every house they build.

The first legal case in the world in which plant DNA was admitted as evidence was a 1992 murder case in Maricopa County, Arizona. Palo verde seed pods found in a suspect’s truck linked him to the murder scene, and he was convicted.

It is against federal law to use or sell the feathers of a bald eagle, even if the feathers are obtained from a bird after it has molted.

In 1994, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that police officers could not ask suspected drunk drivers to prove sobriety by reciting the alphabet from C to W. The court said that asking for the whole alphabet would be acceptable, since that would be a simple request for information.

Legislators in West Virginia were flooded with calls opposing a state law banning stalking. The callers retracted their objections when it was explained that the law would not affect the stocking of state waters with fish.

Marriage licenses in West Virginia are stamped with warnings against spousal abuse and domestic violence.

Every year, about 12% of the U.S. population is arrested.

The city of Los Angeles has ordered a nude dancing club to redesign its dancing area, since it is not handicapped accessible. The platform will have to be redesigned so that a naked woman in a wheelchair can perform on it.

For several years, a California man named Charles Plunkett gave rides to bar patrons too drunk to drive themselves. In 1992, he was ordered by the state Public Utilities Commission to get a permit to carry passengers or go to jail.

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